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EPGP Values
Note: these values are subject to change at any time.

Raiding Bonuses
These include members sitting out for others.
Note: You must be in the raid in order to receive credit. End-of-raid bonus is only given to members in the raid.

Attendance Bonuses

  • In instance and raid 10 min before raid starts = 300
  • Showing up on time for raid nights (in instance and ready to pull at 8pm) = 600
  • Staying 30 minutes (recurring, if within raid) = 400
  • Staying till end of raid(if ends after 11:30am) = 400

GP Values

  • Normal “need” gear = Full GP Value
    • This value is determined based on the item level and slot value in a formula not worth mentioning… it is just not our fault anymore :D
    • Weapons often have two possible costs, the higher cost will be charged except for the following circumstances:
      • Two-Handed Melee Weapon for a Fury Warrior with Titan's Grip
  • Alt gear = 0 GP
  • Offset gear = 0 GP
  • Transmog gear = 0 GP
  • Off-night runs = 0GP

We use the EPGPLootmaster Addon to bid on gear. When this addon is installed, click the button in the pop-up for each item you could use.

  • Mainspec = upgrade
  • Offspec = offspec or minor upgrade
  • Vanity = transmog

Minimum EP Requirements
We’ve set up a requirement in which a person needs to have at least 20000 EP in order to have priority. 20000 EP is about two weeks worth of raiding, and is not hard to maintain. The purpose of min EP is to make sure people keep up raiding and maintain their EP (EP decays at 10% per raid) and to prevent high priority for brand new members without some initial effort. We are not trying to prevent anyone from getting gear, its all a matter of checks and balances.

 The current version of EPGP (dkp reloaded) can be downloaded here. EPGPLootmaster can be downloaded here.

Perfect Attendance and No Call No Shows
People with perfect attendance in the preceding week (defined as earning on time and end of raid EP on all three raid nights) receive an additional 10% GP decay on Monday. If you have to miss a raid or will be late for whatever reason, please post on the boards or alert an officer in game. People who no call no show a raid will receive a 500 GP penalty. If you miss the raid due to an emergency and are unable to contact us, we can remove the GP penalty after the fact.

Updated 9/5/13