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Scoobiefu / May 19, 2015
Penth - Brewmaster POV
Physique - Disc Priest POV

After spending some time "talkin bout practice" Triarii was finally able to do some non practice pulls which allowed us to easily down the encounter in just a few non practice attempts. Props to our boat crews for learning CC order, interrupt rotations, and how to stand on boxes. A special shout out to all of us for surviving Putz and her terrible mic! Very nice work all!
Scoobiefu / Apr 19, 2015

Triarii killed M Kromog this Sunday, and achieved what is (per Warcraft Logs) a world first for solo tanking! An excellent job by Penth, and full credit to Dev who was in for most of the pulls but graciously sat to allow us to fit an extra dps in and give us a bit more of a cushion on pillars and battle reses. On the kill itself, everyone played beautifully and no one died. Well done to all!

To top off the night, we went to M Koragh (who we'd barely missed a kill on before BRF) and snagged a quick new Mythic kill.