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[Pinned] WoD Gear/Stat Changes

Three new secondary stats which are based off of the SoO trinket concept:(From mmo forums)- Readiness - Lowers the cooldown of certain abilities.- Multistrike - Each ability has two separate [X/2]% chance to perform the same ability for about 30% ...
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[Pinned] Triarii World of Logs area

IsthalasWe have a area at: is a great tool to analyze your performance, see how you are comparing, look at actual stats, and figure out what you need to tweak. You can look at information...
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Subtlety Rogue 6.2 Opener

Hello guys. This is made particularly for a fellow Rogue within the guild, however of course, anyone feel free to leave some feedback or something as well. Without further ado the "ability by ability" rundown.1) Premed (12-10 seconds before pull)2...
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Arcane Mage WA Package

I know our mages all hate arcane, and i'm right there with you, so here's a WA package i spent the day screwing with.Let me know if it makes the spec less painful and if there are any changes I could make.Also if there are any LUA savvy dudes chec...
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MM-BM simcraft

after looking at BM and MM on sim craft stand alone bosses ie fel lord MM beats out bosses with adds ie soc-tyrant-archi-iskar BM beats out just saying i like my BM :P
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MM hunter problems,

Tune-in to see The maker of the azerothian hunter guide play and go from there!!!!Good luck!
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Prot Warrior Video Guide'sProt Warrior SuiteRAGEExternal CD Tracker
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Unholy DK Playstyle

I'm just posting this here primarily because most DKs don't actually know, and I have been heavily researching the class as I am really enjoying it recently. Perhaps some of our DKs could leverage this for big numbers.First thing's first, Frost i...
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Class Discussion

Great new resource! is a great resource for information on your class/spec! It has advanced gameplay guides for a variety of specs and writers for just about everyone. Majority of writers come from Midwinter and they diversify for some to have...
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Open Forum for Questions

Hey guys, I know I'm still new to the guild, and I'm not an officer or anything. The warrior video guide I made earlier this weak for Elv and really anyone looking to DPS as a warrior kinda made me want to do this. So here it is, ask away if you...
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Warrior DPS Guide

Sorry for the hoppy audio, first time recording with my new headset. Circle :'s and Procs :
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Misc Mage tidbits

Since I've been getting a few questions, I figured I'd list my various sources that are very detailedCurrent recommendations for talents on bosses Arcane including differences ...
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Walkin on Sunshine

My Weak Auras; monk is a class that excells in cleaving multiple targets, up to three. It is the only melee spec that can cleave multiple targets from 40-50 yards away, and the damage delt while cleaving is split eve...
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interesting post on dps performance
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Watcher on Demo locks for 6.2

"Why did you nerf Demonology to the ground?"Watcher:Umm...Because we'd rather you didn't play demonology - let me elaborate now!So, we're not actually terrible at math, we weren't, just, you know, intending to nerf them a little bit and we are rea...
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Brewmaster in 6.2 (for Twister)

Here's a great TL;DR for or anyone that wants to punish themselves in 6.2...Post #2:
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6.2 Warrior

The fury T18 set is so underwhelming right now that it's looking like we may not even take the mythic version of it in 6.2 with how close they're simming together. I understand that this sometimes happens, and the nice little palate cleanser with ...
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Mage changes 6.2

Item - Mage T17 Fire 2P Bonus (Inferno Blast now has 2 charges.) Reduces the cooldown of Inferno Blast by 2 sec.well that answers the question of retaining the 2p T17 rekt!!
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Moonkin Change - Earthly

Hey,I totally forgot about this. Starfall now works the way it did glyphed in 6.0.You now need to glyph untamed stars in order to make your Starfall hit everything.
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