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[Pinned] Raid Guidelines

[Pinned] Raid Guidelines

1. Prepare for the raid a) Common knowledge of the zone mobs and bosses. Visit web sites for info. Do not be afraid to ask question PRIOR to raid times. b) Consumables (Flask, potions, runes and food). Have them available for EVERY raid. 2. Time C...
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[Pinned] Triarii PvP Recruitment

<Triarii> is now actively recruiting PvPers for rated BGs, arenas, and random battleground shenanigans. Triarii has existed since BC and is best known for our 25man raid team, which has historically ranked amount the top few guilds on the se...
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[Pinned] Triarii Application Questions

A Note to All ApplicantsPlease be as complete and thorough as possible in your application answers. The amount of effort you appear to put into your application will be taken into consideration when we review it and may have an effect on our deci...
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[Pinned] About Triarii

[Pinned] About Triarii

<Triarii> 9/13M 13/13H Alliance Raiding GuildAbout us: Triarii has been raiding since BC. We raid limited hours and our goal is to clear relevant content on the hardest available mode quickly and efficiently. Our history includes relevant H ...
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[Pinned] Triarii Application FAQ

Q. How does the application/initiate process work?A. Most applicants start by filling out an application on our website (linked at the top of the page), but you can also start the process by talking with an officer in game. We’ll generally armory ...
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710 Feral Druid Application

Basic Information Name: PurrcifulClass: DruidRaid Spec: FeralServer: KorialstraszTime Zone: EasternPlease provide a link to the armory for your character. you consider your ...
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Cháne -- Fury/Arms Warrior DPS

Basic InformationName: Cháne (160 altcode)Spec: Fury (MS) Arms (OS)Server: TichondriusTime zone: CST Please provide a link to the armory for your character.Cháne's ArmoryWould you consider your internet connection to be stable? Yes. Running...
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695 Affi/destro Lock

-Basic Information - Ronaldlockk, Warlock, Affliction/Demo(Master Race), Hellscream, Eastern Time- Down and 7.73Mbps Up, haven't DC'd since I upgraded so I believe it is...
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703 Marksmanship Hunter

Basic Information -Hi guys! My character's name is Anvsblock from Dragonblight, I'm sure some of you guys might have run with me in the past I have been playing for quite a long time on this server and I have attended some of your recent heroi...
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655 spriest.

QuestionsBasic Information - Name,Dante Class, PriestRaid Spec, ShadowServer, SilvermoonTime Zone, MountainPlease provide a link to the armory for your character. you consider yo...
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Enhance LF Guild

Basic Information - Quiksealver is the name, Shaman, Enhance, Dragonblight, you consider your internet connection to be stable? 50MWhat is your average latency? 35How well...
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Warrior Tank

Questions•Basic Information - Rocthoeb, Warrior, Prot, Dragonblight, Central•Please provide a link to the armory for your character.•Would you consider your internet connection to ...
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disc priest

QuestionsBasic Information - Name, Class, Raid Spec, Server, Time Zone- neê, priest, disc priest, aerie peak, pstPlease provide a link to the armory for your character.- you c...
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QuestionsBasic Information - Oaxaca, Warrior, Fury, Fenris, EasternArmory Link: you consider your internet connection to be stable? yesWhat is your average latency? 25How well do our ...
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Application for Grimbollocks - Rogue

Basic Information - Name, Class, Raid Spec, Server, Time ZoneName's Ishmael. Main character's name is Grimbollocks, a Worgen Rogue with both Subtlety and Combat specs. Currently on Stormrage though of course, if I was accepted I'd pretty much inst...
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application for raiding

Name: Whät-FenrisSpec: MM/BMArmory link: (Mythic w/Triarii) and then
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Application for raiding, Talked to Taremm

Basic Information - Name- BlîksonClass- HunterRaid Spec- MM/BM Switch as needed, tho prefer mm over bm, Tho im currently bm set-up have all the enchants and gems to change to mm if needed.Server- Dragonblight Time Zone- Central time zonePlease pr...
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Application- Fallenlock

Basic InformationFallenlock, Warlock, Affliction/Destruction, Proudmoore (will transfer to fenris), Central Time would consider my internet to be stablePing is around 20 m/sRaid ti...
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QuestionsBasic Information - Name, Class, Raid Spec, Server, Time Zone Majinwong, mage, frost/arcane, pacificPlease provide a link to the armory for your character. you conside...
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Basic Information - Elv, Prot warrior (But can be changed or switched), Dragonblight, Pacific time. Please provide a link to the armory for your character. you consider your i...
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