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[Pinned] Sales Run Information

Triarii is now selling H SoO Bosses up to Garrosh! Pricing is as follows:Single boss H Imm through H Thok: 10kH Blackfuse only: 12.5kH Klaxxi only: 15kFull 13/14H Run: 100k*H Garrosh is not currently for sale. Kill prices include any loot not need...
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[Pinned] EPGP Addon Information

Posted by AranisAs you are aware (at least somewhat), we use EPGP as our loot system. Since it differs from traditional DKP systems, some explanation may be useful for newer members. I will go over the very basic information of how the system work...
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[Pinned] Mumble Installation Guide

In the past, players have had difficulty installing Mumble (VoIP program). Therefore, here is a step-by-step guide to help install, set the server info, and set a push-to-talk key. These instructions are for the Windows OS, and will need modified ...
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Hi EveryoneI'm not sure who is checking this, however if you are, the guild has changed to very casual and welcomes any old guard that want to just drop by and say hi.Woowei is GM at this time, under the caveat that she's not pushing for progressi...
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How's it going?

Hey guys.Hows it been going?
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Alpha invite wave

Just got invited, check your client!
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M Gorefiend Disappoint

I made all this ginger vodka before my 2wk vacation to prepare for M Gorefiend progression sanity preservation, and never got to use it because we downed him on my first night back when I was too jetlagged to consider this medication. SADNESS :( G...
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When Grim wants to do visions.

What I want to happen: actually happens:
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Dating advice from my great nation sure you watch all 4. There used to be a more HQ one around but unfortunately these seem to be the only ones left.
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Get your Fruit Hat on tonight! expect everyone to have this on tonight before the pull.
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Solution to Mumble greyed "Connect" button

Since I heard a couple other guildies have had this issue as well, here's a simple way to solve it:1) Open a command prompt (go to Start, type "cmd" and press Enter).2) In the black window that pops up, type in "ipconfig /flushdns" and press Enter...
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First poutine and now this abomination - Canada ain't right ;)
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Legion Legendaries

What're the ones you'll be farming if they make it to launch in their current form? I'll be farming the crap out ofSmolderweaveNether PrismMakes my pyroblasts have an extra 200% mastery contribution and reduce CD of the new Combustion by 3 sec per...
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For Pokemon People

I don't really understand the Pokemon deal even though I'm Japanese (I had a impoverished childhood w/o gaming consoles/devices), but since the topic came up in raid mumble the other day... :)
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Newegg Canada + Paypal Discount

Some big discounts out there if anyone was in the mood to upgrade some stuff.
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1985 - My senior year in High School year!<get off my lawn!!!!>
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Where can I find a list of the add-on you are using for raids? Ty ahead of time
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Epic re-edit of a ton of Blizz trailers Tears for Fears cover for the music!
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Missing raids this week

Gotta work tonight, Thursday the 10th, mandatory overtime and gotta work Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights as part of my regular schedule meaning ill be missing the next 3 raid nights.
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Be home and online in 30

Just leaving from spending the day with my daughter... Will be on in 30 to raid sorry for being late
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