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Basic Information

Name: Purrciful
Class: Druid
Raid Spec: Feral
Server: Korialstrasz
Time Zone: Eastern

Please provide a link to the armory for your character.

Would you consider your internet connection to be stable?

Yes, until hurricane season.. Or at boyfriends house (Can get laggy when I am there.. working on that issue though)

What is your average latency?

about 70 MS

How well do our raid times work for you, are there any days you will be frequently missing or late?

Your raid times are fine for me, 11PM -3AM my time. I would already be home and online long before raids started. Even if I had gone out that day. :)

What prior raiding experience do you have? (please be as thorough as possible here)

Didn't start raiding till wrath hit. I did do some attempts at gruul's lair, tempest keep and some Karazhan with a friends guild in BC.. My first real raid was Naxx I got to go in as a resto druid, shortly getting switched to feral(now guardian) to start tanking. I tanked all the way till catas dragonsoul came out and I was asked to make a boomkin alt for a friends guild. Since then I've been a boomkin (Missing my days of feral) When WoD dropped, I was still a boomkin, till ToT where I got to play feral once again! I was made to switch between my druids for most of my guilds time in ToT and SoO all the way till BRF when I had said no more switching between two characters and four specs for one raid group. I left that group to join another during BRF to push mythic content. the guild broke off and here I am now in my current guild doing HFC on Sunday and Mondays, sometimes. We're currently not getting very far at all because a lot of people don't show and we have to pug.

Please link any World of Logs or Warcraft Logs parses that you have. (WCL is preferred.)

Boomkins logs
Ferals logs

What is your offspec? Are you geared/capable/willing to raid with it if the occasion calls?

My current offspec is guardian. It's geared..ish.. I can tank if asked/needed. I can also switch that spec if I need too.

Where are you on the legendary quest chain?

I am done on the quest chain on both druids. Just need those ring upgrades every week!

If you have any comments you would like to made about you spec or gear choice (e.g. an explanation for choices that are not considered standard for raiding, changes you would be willing to make, etc), please make them here.

I never really understand this question when it is asked on an application.. so I will try my best to answer this. If you're asking about stat priority, I go crit>multi>mastery>haste. Rotation is as simple as its ever been for a feral. start fight with bloodtalons(Healing touch spam till countdown) potion, open with rake, shredx4, FB, shred get blood talons redo rake then rip so you have the 30% off bloodtalons for your bleeds. (Also used CDs right before the rake so you also get that extra damage on them.) I like to use for my feral along with some other forums plus always talking to other druids when I get a chance.

What other guilds have you been a part of? Why did you leave/want to leave?

I am currently in a guild called The Bridgeburners - It is a family raiding guild from what I've gathered so far from being in the guild.. I want to leave because unless you are sticking your nose up the Guild Masters/Raid leaders/Their girlfriends and their parents butts, you don't get anything done.
before this, I was in a semi-hardcore ish guild called Trinity on Burning Blade. We went 8/10M in BRF with only two months together as a guild. We were all brought together to raid from different guilds and servers. I was removed from the guild by the GM because I had to leave raid early to deal with some real life emergency's

Why do you want to be a part of Triarii?

I want to be a part of Triarii because I want to progress, I want to be in a guild that understands raiding and won't be sitting around with thumbs up their butts instead of raiding. I would love to be apart of something that doesn't require some brown-nosing just to get a boss killed. a guild that doesn't fall apart after one argument.

Do you know anyone already in Triarii? If so, where do you know them from?

I do not know anyone in the guild already, but I did take some time and talk to one of the officers/recruiters(Oru)

Do you have any other comments or questions?

I currently do not have any comments or questions, when I think of some I will ask however.

Please list any alts you have.

Purrlicious - boomkin

I have everything and anything at 100. I won't spam with the alts just the important one.

Please give us your Battletag so we can contact you.

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Make sure you keep a Crit/Mastery heavy set of gear for multi target sustain encounters. Two target sustained DPS differential between blood talons and lunar inspiration can be negligible depending on how well you play it, but on 3 target fights it becomes better by a wider margin as well as being easier to maintain mechanically without having to use blood talons to manage multiple bleeds.

What addons/weakauras do you use to track your bleed strength thresh holds? You know as well as I do that your dps lives or dies by your ability to make a correct snap judgement of if/when you can refresh the bleed with a stronger one at the right interval or not. Do you know your specific Pandemic markers?

. start fight with bloodtalons(Healing touch spam till countdown) potion, open with rake, shredx4, FB, shred get blood talons redo rake then rip so you have the 30% off bloodtalons for your bleeds. (Also used CDs right before the rake so you also get that extra damage on them.)

There's a few problems with that opener in that order. Let me know if you have time so I can discuss it with you further, I don't wanna make you read an essay on it here.