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1. Prepare for the raid
a) Common knowledge of the zone mobs and bosses. Visit web sites for info. Do not be afraid to ask question PRIOR to raid times.

b) Consumables (Flask, potions, runes and food). Have them available for EVERY raid.

2. Time Commitment
a) Show up on time to the raid. This is critical. People waste real-life time waiting on others. Tardiness shows real disrespect for your fellow guildmates. Raids have starting times and locations posted. Please be at THAT location at THAT time. Being late to start will lead to you being counted as late for loot purposes. Unless you post that you will not be there/be late for some reason, everyone is expected to be on time.

b) Commit to the hours. Don't commit unless you can spend the time. We usually have a general idea how long we will be. Please try to avoid having to leave mid raid, as it can (and has) caused a significant disruption. We know that Real Life emergencies come up that require people to leave, and that's OK. But, we can't let it become a habit for people leaving mid-raid. Should a person be unable to stay for a full raid duration, they should communicate it an officer as soon as possible.

3. Chatter
a) The difficulty of the raid is inversely proportional to the amount of chatter that is allowed. The harder it is, the less there should be.

b) Mumble should be used for CRITICAL instructions. When you hear the raid leader speaking it’s important. Do NOT make him/her work to be heard over general chatter.

4. Pay Attention
a) This should be fairly easy to do if you aren't absorbed in goof off chatter during the raid and you pay attention to the raid chat channel/vent. Nothing is more frustrating than people missing assignments, or other critical information, and the raid leader having to repeat things multiple times. You are ALWAYS supposed to be paying attention to what is going on around you.

b) Raid Leader Instructions. If the leader says something, do it. You shouldn't have to receive instructions more than once.

c) Keep raid wiping mistakes to a minimum i.e., walking into mobs because you weren’t paying and/or do not know the zone. Mistakes will happen. See to it they are not repeated. You only get so many “OOPS” before you removed from the raid.

5. Performance
a) Know your class, play it well or sit out. See your role officers if you're having problems.

b) Situational awareness is crucial. Know where you are and where you need to be. Move. If you can’t move out of the fire, blizzard or void zone we will move you out of the raid

6. Morale
DO NOT lower morale in any way on a raid. Doing so is counter to your own well-being.
Ways to lower morale that should be avoided include:

a) Whining about loot. Nobody wants to hear you whine that you never get the loot you are after. Save that for the forums - not the raid.

b) Complaining in General. Don’t spread your misery to others. Complaints in this category include a violation of guild rules. IMPORTANT complaints should be expressed in whispers to an officer (NOT the raid leader). Spare the officers any/all complaints about boredom or any other minor issues. Again, save it for the forums.

c) Don't tell the Raid Leader his/her job. They know it, let them do it. If you think you can do better then step and volunteer to lead once and a while. You may find yourself with new responsibilities.

d) Mistakes will happen. Never berate people for making a mistake during a raid. We will all make them. Move on. Discuss it and learn from it after the raid.

e) Arguments. There will be none. Not one. Short tempers in a high stress situation will only makes things worse. You have a problem? Take it to private tell, or forums after the raid, and after you have cooled down.

f) Don't complain about the zone being raided. Plans will change. The primary raid zone will not always be viable. Be flexible as there may be backup plans being worked out. It's hard work planning a raid and even harder when you have to change plans in midstream. This is the time to exercise patience, not clutter up raid chat with where you think we should go instead and why.

g) Tells to Leaders. The raid leader(s) are busy. They have to read everything and stay on top of it all. Do not send them tells unless it's critical. Do not waste their time with something someone else can answer. Remember they are a focal point and get a lot of traffic.

h) AFK - DO NOT go afk unless it's important or during a break. Mainly bathroom trips. If you are AFK more than a couple minutes at a time, more than once an hour, it's probably too much. You're on a raid. AFK should be the exception, not the rule. And use common sense. If several people are already AFK, do what you need to then as well, so everyone can get it out of the way.

This was originally written by me and a druid named Pasha years ago. But it still applies now.
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