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Q. How does the application/initiate process work?

A. Most applicants start by filling out an application on our website (linked at the top of the page), but you can also start the process by talking with an officer in game. We’ll generally armory you, look at a few Warcraft Log (WCL) reports you’re in, and chat on mumble about what you’re like, what you’re looking for, and other such questions that can help both parties determine if we’d be a good match. At the end of the conversation, we’ll either invite you to server transfer or say we don’t think it’s a good match. We never ask anyone to server transfer unless we think they’ve got a very good chance of passing the initiate process and being promoted to raider. After server transferring (if applicable), you’ll be invited to guild and set at the initiate level, which has substantially reduced bank access and guild repairs. Initiates earn EP and will get GP when they get gear, but initiates officially have no rights to gear and will typically only be given pieces that no raider needs.

Q. How/when do I get promoted to raider?

A. You’ll be eligible for promotion to raider once you hit min EP (essentially, ~2 weeks), but we’ll occasionally promote a little earlier for truly exceptional players. Typically, we’re looking at your survivability, attendance, respect for the raid (including returning from breaks on time and not mystery afking), dps, heal instincts/throughput, and how well you generally fit in with the raid. If you’re undergeared relative to the rest of the raid or have to miss raids during the initiate period, it may take us a little longer to make a decision. The vast majority of server transfers get promoted due to the pre-vetting process, while Dragonblight applicants (who we’re more likely to take a chance on) don’t always make the cut.

Q. What’s an average raid night like?

A. Raid invites become available starting at 7:30. At 7:50, we’ll give out early EP and typically zone in and start pulling trash. We do one 10 minute break at 10:00. When we have to swap people, we try to figure out subs between bosses so we can keep the raid going at a steady pace. We’re pretty strict about ending on a time. We’re not yell-y (this is about as mean as we get), but also aren’t shy about saying things like “So-and-so, stop dying to rockfall” when repeated mechanic fails require it.

Q. What if I want to internet stalk before apping?

A. Congrats, because you’re totally in the right place to start! I’d recommend reading through our discussions on the public boards, watching some of our kill videos (linked on the front page), and checking out some parses on WCL. If you still need to do more stalking, you can watch our raid streams (linked on the front page).

Q. What’s Dragonblight like?

A. It’s a medium population server with a relatively active auction house (several Triarii-ites are the gold capped, scalping the glyphs you want type). The server is heavily tilted towards alliance (which works since, you know, we’re alliance), and there’s typically not a problem finding world boss groups or teams for a heroic scenario. That said, it’s not monstrously huge, and if you want to pug old raids out of guild, I recommend trying Open Raid before Trade Chat.

Q. Does the guild provide flasks/repairs/pots/feasts/gems/enchants?

A. We provide food, flasks, and pots for our raiders, but initiates are expected to come prepared with their own provisions during the trial period. We keep plenty in the guild bank in case you run out/prices are high that night/whatever else, so if it's between pulling with or without your food/flask/pots during your trial period, ask for help! We’re happy to provide gems and enchants for MS upgrades/raid used OS, and there’s a substantial guild repair budget on raid nights. The guild bank exists to use it, and we want people to take stuff out of there as needed. We are very generous to our raiders, but we appreciate mats and other donations, and self-sufficiency is never a bad thing, either!
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